Professional Turf Maintenance

Many bowling clubs find that over a period of time the edges of their green have a tendency to fall away. This can be caused by members and visitors stepping onto the green and standing around the perimeter as well as a lack of or deteriorating wooden or concrete support. Over a number of years we have been asked to help bowling clubs overcome this problem. Fortunately, as we are heavily involved in the maintenance of bowling green ourselves, we are able to re-level the edges and install new GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete) ditch sections or a new concrete edge without causing undue disruption to the playing surface.

Option 1 – Increase the height of your current concrete edging to provide permanent support to the edge of the bowling green:

1.01      Remove existing turf using a turf cutter, full length of the green up to 1 metre in width depending on levels) Store existing turf on site for re-use. Any existing wooden edging will also be removed.

1.02      Create additional height to existing concrete edge using shuttering and concrete mixed onsite

1.03      Supply & install rootzone material to level the area

1.04      Re-install existing turf, supplying new turf where necessary to blend in with the existing playing surface

Option 2 – Supply & install pre-formed GRC ditch sections

1.01      Dispose of any existing edging

1.02      Supply & Install Granite Dust, place in ditch base and grade to level

1.03      Supply & Install GRC Bowling Green Ditch Units, Place in ditch to a true line, level and secure with a concrete haunch at the rear

We can also supply & install artificial grass using adhesive to the front face of the newly installed GRC unit.

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